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What a Week!

Way to go JoshThis week started out just wonderfully! Joshua has made it 15 days without getting sent home from school! We are SO proud of him. He even got a Happy Gram from his teacher, Mrs Cooper. After another 5 days, he earns his very own MP3 player. Way to go, Josh!

Becky missed 2 days of school with strep throat, but did manage to go on Wednesday. She also had 3 cavities filled Wednesday after lunch. They were in different areas of her mouth, so they had to deaden top and bottom on one side, and the bottom of the other. Unfortunately, she still felt a lot of pain, and they ended up putting 6 shots instead of the original 3 into her mouth. Becky was very glad when it was over, and even more glad after the numbness wore off.

joseph.jpgJoseph has had a wonderful week as well. Well, mostly wonderful. I had the audacity to make hash browns Monday morning for breakfast. He wouldn’t eat them. So, mommy helped him eat them. He fought mommy tooth and nail, but I am pleased to say mommy won, and Joseph didn’t die from being fed hash browns. I’m sure he had to go to the bathroom a lot that day with all the water that he drank to get that disgusting breakfast down. The rest of the week was happy, though. He has colored for hours in his dinosaur coloring book. I took the kids to the Dollar Store today to pick a treat for helping me so well on Friday. Joseph picked another coloring book, Big Bird this time. I can’t say I was surprised.

That was thenThis week also marked the anniversary of our getting Joseph. We were in Guatemala 4 years ago this week. I can’t believe how little he was then, and how much he’s grown. I remember how hard it was for Joseph when he finally joined our family. He would have nothing to do with me, but loved Becky, Josh, Daddy, and Grandma from the start. I’m glad he loves me now, too! I am so blessed, because Heavenly Father let me be Joseph’s mommy.

adela.jpgAdela’s celebrated her birthday this week as well. On Thursday, we went to the mall for the kids club. She got to go up and sit in Dewper the mascot’s lap while everyone sang Happy Birthday. She had so much fun with her cousin Zachary and her friends Joey and Adam. We rode the merry-go-round afterwards, and then mommy caved in and let Adela have lunch at the mall with Joey and Adam. We both had great fun.

adela2.jpgAfter that, the week went severely downhill. We were in a hurry to leave the mall after lunch, because Joey needed to go to school. So, us mommies quickly tossed our lunch remains in the garbage can and hurried to the parking lot. When I looked into my purse for my keys, which happened to be attached to my wallet, they were nowhere to be found. I had left them on the tray and had thrown them away in the garbage. Our mall is very efficient at taking out the garbage, and by the time we had returned to the mall, they had emptied all of the garbage cans in the food court, and immediately taken them down to the trash compactor. So, my wallet and keys are gone forever. I called my friend to come pick us up, but she wasn’t home yet. My mind kept coming up blank as I tried to think of other people I could call to give us a ride home, so Adela and I had a lovely walk home. I was very grateful we only live 2 miles away from the mall.  The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, and Adela didn’t complain a bit. Halfway home I realized I could have called Mom and Dad Layton. Fortunately, someone from our ward saw us walking just as we had passed the church, and gave us a ride the rest of the way home.

Adela took a much needed nap, and I worked on getting new bank, credit, and insurance cards, as well as a new drivers license. Luckily, we had a spare key to the van, so that was good. Then I got the mail. There was a letter from the IRS, saying that we hadn’t reported all our 2006 income, and owe several thousand dollars in unpaid taxes. Paul’s employer didn’t send the IRS a form they were supposed to, so Paul is working on getting that straightened out. We didn’t make the income the IRS says we did – now we just need to prove that to them. Thank goodness for Paul!

The kids them came home, talked with Josh’s teacher, and found out he cried and cried and cried the whole day at school. He continued all that afternoon. My Thursday babysitter didn’t show up and forgot to call to tell me she couldn’t come. On my longest teaching day, of course. So, I taught, and tried to keep both Josh and myself from crying. That night, it was 1 am before Josh finally managed to get to sleep. At least he was happy between 10 and 1. Not tired, but happy. He was up bright and awake at 6 am, but cried and cried and cried the whole day Friday as well. Had a couple of lovely meltdowns with me Friday afternoon, but I figured it was par for the course.

Friday night was wonderful, though. All of the cousins and 3 babysitters came to my house, while the Evans and Layton parents, with all of my siblings went to Scottsdale for a wonderful Italian dinner. It was so good. I especially liked the fried zucchini, and their cheese cake was to die for. Mmmmm, good!

Saturday was Adela’s birthday, and we spend a lot of time with the Evans grandparents. Paul was on a looong bike ride. He left sometime around 4 in the morning, and expected to be back about midnight. So, the kids and I let my parents spoil us a bit. We went to the mall to play at the play area, and the kids played with Grandpa while my mom and I went shopping for a present for Adela’s party. Then, they took us to the buffet for Adela’s birthday dinner. It was a wonderful end to a rather stressful couple of days. 🙂


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10 Days and Counting!

Hello, Family!

I am glad to report that this has been a fairly calm, uneventful week. Josh had a perfect week at school -WOO-HOO! This makes for 10 great days in a row. I was very much on edge Thursday and Friday, hoping there wouldn’t be a call from the school, and Josh pulled through completing 2 weeks without being sent home. 🙂 Lets hope and pray for 2 more great weeks.

Joseph has been loving the book about baby seals he got from the library and his new dinosaur coloring book. He did have a melt down when we turned off the pirate movie he was watching this afternoon. They call it Pirates of the Caribbean, but it is really Pirates of Penzance. He loves that movie. All the kids do, actually. Turning it off before it was over was a major distress in his little life.

Becky is doing great, and is turning into a wonderful pianist. We had the first rehearsal for Cavalcade of Rhythm this week. It is 20 pianos on the stage, 2 kids at each piano, all playing in a giant duet. Her first practice was on Thursday, and the 2 pieces were supposed to be memorized. So, Wednesday night at 6:30 I decided I had better teach her the songs that I’ve had since November. An hour later she had them down pat, and has them almost all memorized. She is doing great in her regular lessons as well.

Princess AdelaAdela and I got totally spoiled this week. Thursday was the much anticipated trip to McDonalds with Grandpa and Grandma. That was so much fun! Adela was counting the days all week until Thursday came around. Friday we went to lunch with Miss Judy, Becky’s piano teacher. We went to a little tea/gift shop. It was so much fun. Judy felt really bad when she realized I didn’t drink tea, but I told her not to worry. Adela and I were served freshly made lemonade in a cute little teapot, and had fun eating the finger sandwiches, scones, and desserts. Judy spoiled us all rotten, too. She bought each of the girls 2 stuffed animals and jewelry box, a tiara for Adela and a purse for Becky. Then she bought me a porcelain rose necklace, stationary set, and a spoon holder in the shape of a teapot with music notes on it. I think Judy had as much fun shopping for the girls as the girls have had with their presents.

Since there was nothing at the cute little tea shop for the boys, Adela and I got them some presents as well. They each got a bouncy ball, and Josh got little cars and a jump rope. Joseph got his dinosaur coloring book and new crayons. I was very glad the boys were very happy with their dollar store presents.

Becky and Paul came home from church after sacrament meeting because Becky wasn’t feeling well. Tonight we took her to Urgent Care, where she tested positive for strep throat. We were there for just over 2 hours. The doctor said we came at a good time, because earlier there was a 3 hour wait just to get back to the examination room. She will have to miss school tomorrow, but should be good to go on Tuesday.

Paul and I went to the leadership meeting yesterday. I came home so edified and uplifted. One thing that really struck me was when they were talking about their experiences as teens with their parents, they said how they little understood why their parents were making them do those particular things, and how much they disliked it. However, those same things had the greatest influence on their lives, and now they speak of those things with fondness and love. I was also reminded of how we have the mantle of motherhood to help us in our greatest calling, that allows us inspiration, guidance, and strength in our calling as mothers, making us more than we can be on our own. I also liked their comments about how the blessings and promises given to us in the temple have great power on our children and family.

Well, that is about all I can think of to write. We hope you are all doing well, and having a great week.


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