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Precious Prayers

Tonight Adela was saying her prayers.  At the end of her prayer she sweetly asked for Jesus to come spend the night and have a slumber party with us.  Although his physical presence will probably not be here, I have no doubt that his spirit will be strong with Adela tonight.

In every prayer Joseph offers, he has been praying for Mommy’s leg to feel better.  A couple of days ago he asked if his prayers were working and if my leg was getting better.  I assured him that Heavenly Father is indeed answering his prayers.  My leg is feeling so much better.  How grateful I am for the example of faith in my children.


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Well, I have been rather amiss in my posting lately.  Lets chalk it up to the broken leg. 🙂  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I decided to show you instead of tell what we have been up to.  I should have the equivalent of several thousand words by the time we are done!

We had a very nice Easter this year.  We went over to Leisure World for the pancake breakfast, games, and egg hunt.  The kids really had a good time.  Becky loves the egg hunt, and was planning her strategy for days before the big event.  They all enjoyed their prizes from the hunt, though I think Josh liked the jump rope the best.

We went to the Easter Pageant this year.  I figured we had to take advantage of this whole broken leg business, and since I can legally use the handicapped parking, this would be the perfect year to go.  We did get a great parking spot right by the sidewalk leading to the entrance of the temple.  I really enjoyed the pageant, though Paul got a bit tired of the boys asking if the crucifixion had happened yet.  We got a kick out of Josh referring to the actor that played the Savior as the “fake Jesus.”

Easter day was fun.  My mom made dresses for the girls, and they had fun coloring Easter eggs the day before.  I don’t want to do eggs next year, though, because the youngsters make such a HUGE MESS with them.  Ugh. 

We continue to do well.  It is very difficult not being able to put any weight on my leg.  It makes taking care of the house and children so much harder, and has put a great deal more stress on Paul as he tries to make up for what I am unable to do.  Only a couple more weeks until the cast comes off, though.  I will have to have a lot of physical therapy and a lot of pain to learn to walk again, but at least I will progressing toward that end.  I am so thankful that I will recover fully from this, though.  It could be so, so much worse than it is.  I am having fun decorating my cast, though.  Last week I frogs with glow-in-the-dark eyes.  This week I have glittery butterflies.  Stay tuned to see what comes next!

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