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Hi, Everyone!

We have had quite a fun week.  On Tuesday, Becky went to her school at 3:30 in the morning, and drove 5 hours to the Grand Canyon.  She and her classmates had a great time touring the South Rim.  They got back on the bus around 2:00 in the afternoon, had a pizza dinner in Flagstaff, and got home at 7:30 that night.  It was quite the day!  Becky told us she was not at all tired, since she slept for 2 hours on the bus.  I think she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, though.  She was so excited about the class trip, and had a lot of fun.  I never got to do anything like that when I was in 4th grade!

I took my midterm for my stupid, I mean, horribly interesting class about second language acquisition on Friday, and passed with 100%.  Makes me wonder if the teacher really read the answers, since I know I missed a few things.  It was 10 essay questions, and took just over 2 hours to finish.  Four more assignments and the final, and I’m done with the dang, I mean, incredibly valuable class!  After that I can apply for a provisional teaching certificate, take one more way interesting (NOT!) class, and be a full fledged certified teacher.

Saturday was a busy but very fun day.  We started off with a practice in the chapel for our Primary program.  After an hour, Paul picked the kids up and they left for the Halloween Party at Leisure World with Grandpa Layton.  They had a wonderful time playing games and getting lots of candy.  Adela loved the Haunted House, which was funny because Josh wouldn’t even go in, and Joseph went through but was scared to death.  Paul said it was funny hearing Adela tell Joseph it was okay.

I couldn’t go the the Halloween Party because I had a piano recital at 11:30.  It was held at the mall near our home.  My students did a fine job.  Some were a tad nervous, and zipped right through their pieces.  No one seemed to mind that the recital was done in only 35 minutes.  I was proud of their performances, and I’m glad it is over.

My piano students at the Music Marathon

My piano students at the Music Marathon

In the afternoon, we headed over to their cousin CJ and his foster brother’s birthday party.  It was a Toy Story theme, and they all dressed up in the Toy Story costumes Aunt Lori had for them.  Joshua was one of the 3-eyed little green martians, Joseph was Zurg, Adela was Bo-Peep, Becky was Jesse, and Paul was Stinky Pete.  They had a great time playing with their cousins, and having cake and ice cream.

After the party, Paul took the 3 young kids to the Trunk or Treat in Corey and Lori’s ward.  Paul said the chilli was excellent, and the kids had a great time gathering even more Halloween loot.

Becky and I headed back to the mall for Becky’s piano recital there.  She has a different teacher, and her recital was scheduled in the evening.  Becky was a bit nervous about her songs.  One she kept messing up on the week before at lessons, mainly because she was thinking more about going to the Grand Canyon the next day than her music.  She nailed them at the recital, though, and was so proud of herself.

Today we had the Primary program.  Our family sang “Home,” and the kids clamed up and didn’t sing much.  We did the program for the Senior Branch in our stake as well (2 programs in 1 day – can we say wiggly kids and exhausted teachers?)  The kids sang a little better there, but Josh and Adela kept fighting over the microphone and moving it in front of their mouth.  That was rather amusing.  Adela also stood beside me and helped me conduct the closing hymn.  That was rather amusing, too, and rather cute.  Becky said we made 4 of the grandma’s cry, so I think overall the program was a success.

Paul is still on the job hunt.  He had a second interview last week.  He is supposed to hear the results of that this week, and he has a phone interview tomorrow with another company.  It is rather worrying, with the economy and all, but I have faith that the Lord will help Paul find a job. 

My work is going well.  I had an evaluation of my teaching by the principal last week.  My review wasn’t too positive.  She only had one kinda good thing to say.  That night she sent me an e-mail saying she had redone the schedule for next semester, and was going to have me teach another music class instead of a language arts class.  I am so excited!  She evaluated my teaching of my writing class, and probably decided I was better teaching music than language arts.  I’m afraid she is right! 

Well, that is about all for now.  We are hoping for a slightly less busy week next week, but if it came with a job offer we’d be thrilled!


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