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Another Week

Hi, All!

Well, another week has past, and we are all doing well.  The kids enjoyed their Halloween.  We had a nice dinner at Nichole and Brant’s house, and they all went Trick-or-Treating with the cousins.  It was a nice evening, and very low-key.

Joseph was very helpful this morning.  He was concerned that we might not know which sink or toilet to use, so he got a black sharpie marker are wrote “everybody’s sink” on counter, and “everybody’s toilet” on the back of the toilet.  Sweet of him to write in permanent marker, too, so it wouldn’t come off when wet.  I’m going to have him scrub it for awhile, then break out the fingernail polish remover to take it off.

Our printer decided to misbehave and stopped working today.  It won’t feed paper through it to print.  I tried and tried to get it working, but it doesn’t seem to want to work.  I do hope that Paul can make it happy.  I really need that printer for piano, and now is not the time to replace it.

*UPDATE*  I just got the printer working again.  I took it apart a bit and found a lollipop stick jammed in the paper feeders.  No wonder it was unhappy.  At least it makes me a bit happier to have my printer back!

The kids went camping with Paul on Friday.  They had a good time, and so did I.  It was nice to have a night’s sleep without any interruptions or noise.

Paul is still in the market for a job.  I have been reminded much this week that there is no blessing until after the trial of our faith.  I just hope and pray that a job comes soon so we can move on to other experiences in our lives.

Well, I suppose that is about it.  I guess I’m not too much in the mood for writing today!

Love, D’Net and Family


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