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I’ve got to get better at posting!  We are doing well, and keeping very busy.  We enjoyed our trip to Utah so much last week.  The kids had a blast seeing their Vaughan cousins, and I had some nice visits with my Grandparents.  I took my Grandpa a hamburger meal Monday before we left for home.  He was in a chatty mood, and we had such a nice visit.  He told me about serving in WWII.  Three men in his unit sopke fluent Spanish, with English words sprinkled in here and there.  Grandpa said he could usually tell what they were talking about from the few English words they spoke, and it was generally about women.  They gave Grandpa a hard time because he wouldn’t speak with them in Spanish.  He told them he couldn’t if he wanted to – they were the ones who peppered their conversation with enough English words for him to know what they were talking about!  I had a good time listening to him.

We enrolled the boys in gymnastics this week.  They are going to go on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  We’ve taken them to 3 different gyms for trial lessons, and are very happy with the one we chose.  Both boys seem to have a natural inclination, and they are excited about the classes.  Josh has strong tumbling skills, and they said Joseph is the strongest 7 year old they’ve ever seen.  His upper body strenghth is amazing.  We are hoping the physical exertion will help focus some of their energy, and the discipline will be good for them, too.  Adela wants to take gmnastics, too, so we will enroll her when a space opens up in the girl’s class on Saturday mornings.  That way we can just take them all down at the same time.

Becky is doing well with her piano.  She is learning Fur Elise and Chopsticks.  She doesn’t enjoy practicing all of the time, but she sure enjoys the results of it.  It’s a good life lesson, I think.  She is also enjoying spending more time with her friends.  She gets to spend a few hours at Jayde and Gisalle’s house tomorrow, and is looking forward to that quite a lot.  She even went so far as to tell me she would try to remember to practice when she woke up in the morning.  If she forgets, I’ll remind her though, since we have a lesson in the afternoon.

I got offered more hours at my school, so I will be teaching from 8:00- 4:30 on Mondays.  My boss was going to hire another teacher for the afternoon, since no one was willing to work those hours with only a half hour lunch and no prep hour.  I told her not to worry about hiring someone – I’d be happy to do it.  I’ll be teaching lots of computer classes, Spanish, music, literature, and who know what else.  I’ll still be teaching the same 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday as well.  It will be good because it will allow me to have time in the afternoon with the kids instead of teaching piano every day until 6:30.  I need to tell my students this week that I won’t be teaching piano anymore after this month.  It is kinda hard, because I have a great relationship with my students, and really enjoy teaching them.  I love my own kids even more, though, and am so looking forward to spending time with them after school.  I have the rest of eternity to be a piano teacher, but this is the only time I will have my children at this critical time of development.  I am blessed to have the pathway opened up so I can spend more time with them.

Just for fun, I am posting some scrapbook pages from our Disneyland trip that we took December of 2008.  We took Joseph’s foster mom, Rosario, to Disneyland the day before she went back to Guatemala.  She had been working in California for 5 years.  We had a wonderful visit.  Hopefully we can make it to Guatemala to see her in a few years.  I’d love to spend a summer down there with the kids.  No better way to learn a langauge than to be immersed in it!


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