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Back to School

Well, we’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks.  School started a week and a half ago.  I wanted another 2 months vacation.  I am the only mom I know who doesn’t get excited about school starting.  I miss my kids. 

Adela started kindergarten this year.  She was so excited, even if mommy was not.  I’m not sure I want my baby girl to grow up.  Her teacher is Miss Grimes, and Adela loves her.  This is her 4th year of teaching, and she is very nice.  I even managed to go the day without crying.  I was very proud of myself for that!  They have been learning colors, and are supposed to wear the color of the day.  This has been a bit of a challenge, since 95% of Adela’s clothes are pink.  She loves pink, and rarely wears anything that isn’t, so that’s what I buy her.  We’ve gotten creative with hair ribbons and such, so we’ve managed to have her wear something that is the color of the day.

Adela's First Day of School













Josh is in the second grade.  He managed to make it 2 1/2 days before I got a phone call from a rather panicked teacher who didn’t know what to do when Josh had a meltdown.  I talked to Josh, went over to the school, and he was okay after we talked things through.  I tried to talk to Josh’s teacher about how to avoid and deal with potential problems at the meet the teacher before school started.  She completely blew me off, and wouldn’t even listen.  I told her to call me if she had any problems, knowing she would.  I was right, unfortunately.  I don’t think she’ll blow me off in the future, though.

I love this picture of Josh.  He looks so debonaire.  He is very aware of how he looks.  I think he spends more time on his hair than I do, and he’s only 7!  He loves to put various hair products in his hair to achieve just the right look.  I told him he could ask Santa for his own hair things, and he got really excited with that idea.

Josh 1st day of second grade













Joseph is also in the second grade, but in a different class than Josh.  He is doing well, but needs to listen to his teachers.  He got several warnings and a note home about this.  We had problems with that in 1st grade, and I was hoping they would get better this year.  Seems not to be the case, though.  On another note, Joseph lost his 3rd tooth yesterday.  He is a wimp when it comes to pulling teeth, so he was pretty happy to have Josh do it for him.  Our horrible tooth fairy forgot to come last night, though she was up late enough.  Hopefully she remembers tonight, or I will have to have a serious talk with her.

I love this picture of Joseph, too.  He was determined not to smile, and I was determined that he would.  I won.  Doesn’t he look cute in his glasses?  He doesn’t think so.  He just ruined his 5th pair of glasses in as many months.  The insurance with unlimited replacement for broken glasses in is sure not getting their money’s worth on Joseph.

Joseph's 1st day of 2nd grade













Becky is in the 5th grade, and doing very well.  She likes her teacher, though she was taken aback at how strict he was the first week of school.  I told her that was par for the course.  Teachers have to be strict and lay down the law at the first, otherwise they will have a miserable year, especially in the 5th and 6th grades.  The students seem to have gotten used to it, though.  She gets to help her very pregnant PE teacher twice a week with some kindergarten classes, and also helps the kindergartners in the lunch room.  She loves it. Becky 1st day of 5th grade













The day before school, Paul took Becky to a Jonas Brothers concert.  She and her dad had a great time, and Paul kept his promise and didn’t embarrass Becky.  She had as much fun taking pictures of her favorite band as much as she did listening to them.  She took over 160 pictures.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!Jonas Brothers











I started school again as well.  I teach music and Spanish for 3 hours Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I also picked up lots of Monday classes from another teacher that decided not to return this year.  I am teaching Math Facts Fun (3-8th graders in the same class – how’s that for a challenge!) PE for K, 1, and 2, General music, Chorus, Internet Research, Language Arts, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop.  I think that’s all of them.  It makes for a long day, but I like that I get it done and over with in one foul swoop at the beginning of the week.  Because of the increased school hours, I am only teaching 3 piano students.  I love it.  Now my kids are with a sitter for 2 1/2 hours on Monday afternoon, instead of 15 hours a week.  Much better for all of us, and I love, love, love being with the kids after school.  I feel very blessed.

I’m going to sign off now.  The boys are playing Make-up Artist on Adela with her play make-up.  Becky is the boss, and the boys are also her servants.  I’m going to pretend I’m doing something else while I covertly watch them play.


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