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The First Mini-Meet

Saturday marked the Boys and Adela’s first mini-meet.  What is a mini-meet you ask?  Well,  it’s a meet for minis.  Mini being those that are level 4 or under and aren’t on the competitive teams.  This means that the families get to pay a $25 dollar fee apiece to enter them but get to come watch for free I was informed.  Apparently once they are competitive Mom and Dad don’t get to pull in any freebies.

I was amazed how easy they made it for parents.  You show up at 1,  send your kids off with the coaches to warm up for an hour,  yes,  a whole hour.  Apparently they work on “routines” while they are warming up and are judged by how well they remember the routine on their own and are able to execute without help.

Becky being bored got to bum a ride home with D’net while I played prince of persia on the sidelines (yes you can download it free off the web these days!).  The boys were still warming up when the national anthem was played and the girls started (boys have 6 events girls get 4).  I think this led to a little poorer showing on the floor excersize for the boys (this was Josh and Josephs week event) since they didn’t get as much time there to warmup.

Josh Rings2

Josh did good on the rings and managed to get a blue.  There are three levels,  blue red and white.  Blue means they had good form and needed hardly any help,  red needed some help,  and white needed a lot of help and better form.

Joseph rings

Joseph also got a red on the rings.  The coach here is just helping Joseph tuck his head up a bit I think that is why he got a red, he also took a little step on the dismount.  This is one of Josh and Josephs strong events in my opinion.

Josh Rings

Here is Josh getting ready to dismount.

Joseph Parallel

Joseph was one of only a few that got a blue ribbon on the parallel bars among the level II’s


Here are the proud champions!

Adela Medal

Adela with her medal.  Adela has only been taking the class a few weeks but insisted we enter her for the meet when I said I think we’d let her skip this one.  So we entered all three.  They got a goody bag,  a medal,  and a bunch of ribbons.


  parallel rings floor pommel vault bars/High Bar beam
Josh blue blue white blue red  red  
Joseph blue red white blue  white  White
Adela      red   red red Blue 

Overall I think we had a good showing.  D’Net will get some videos up later.


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